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Patrones De Ropa Íntima Femenina

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27 Delicious Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes Perfect for Holiday Season

It’s Thanksgiving morning. You wake up to delicious smells and lots of excitement, knowing your family and friends will gather around your table in only a few short hours.

So you scurry to the kitchen, put the coffee on, and begin to cook even more delicious foods.

However, you are most excited about your turkey. Why? Because turkey is usually the main focus of every Thanksgiving dinner.

But how will you top last year's turkey dish? How will you make the most delicious turkey that your friends and neighbors have ever had?

Well, this year I’m making it easy. I’ll be bringing you the internet’s best turkey recipes. Then you can scroll through them, decide which ones will knock your loved one’s socks off, and then get busy cooking.

So here we go:

Delicious Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

1. Dry Brined Orange Rosemary Roasted Turkey

This turkey is definitely going to be one with bold flavors. It is dry brined meaning that you cover it in salt to draw all of the juice out.

Then the brine will actually use the turkeys own juices to break down meat and make it more tender and juicy. This sounds absolutely moist and delicious!

Try this turkey recipe

2. Cajun Fried Turkey

If you were to ask me what my favorite kind of turkey is I’d probably tell you fried. There is just something about that crispy skin.

But I also love spicy, bold flavors. So I definitely think this turkey recipe could be a winner for me.

Try this turkey recipe

3. The Cajun Turkey

Do you love spicy flavors? Are you in favor of a turkey with crispy outer skin? If so, then you’ll probably love this turkey.

It reminds me a lot of the previous recipe only it is a baked turkey, which a lot of people prefer because it is easier to prepare.

Try this turkey recipe

4. Latin Style Turkey

This turkey is prepped in the same way as most baked turkeys. That is great news for someone who is fearful of baking a turkey.

But what sets this one apart is the seasonings that are used. Latin flavors are tossed onto the turkey (like sazon) to remind you that this turkey has some Latin style to it.

Try this turkey recipe

5. Brining a Turkey

If you are preparing a turkey for the first time or the millionth time, you probably know that brining a turkey is a big deal.

So if you are unsure on how to do that, then this recipe will definitely get you started on that and move in the right direction.

Try this turkey recipe

6. Puerto Rican Style Turkey

This turkey recipe is really awesome. You can follow it to make a turkey breast in the slow cooker, or you can double the recipe to make a whole turkey in the oven.

But you tell that this turkey has flair. It also has sazon included in it, along with garlic and many other familiar seasonings.

Try this turkey recipe

7. Martha’s Perfect Roast Turkey

Okay, so we all dream of producing the perfect turkey that has the crispy dark skin, moist meat, and perfect fluffy stuffing sticking out as well.

Well, with this recipe, you could be one step closer to scoring a turkey like that. The ingredients are all pretty basic, though you will need a couple bottles of wine (for the turkey, not the cook.)

Try this turkey recipe

8. Applewood Smoked Turkey

This turkey sounds like a sweet street. It is brined in many different spices and maple syrup. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Then it is covered in apples, bourbon, garlic, and a few other familiar ingredients. Finally, it is smoked to perfection.

Try this turkey recipe

9. The Best in the World Fried Turkey

This recipe seems so easy to do. You just buy the turkey (they give you the recipe to what size turkey you need) and inject it with a store bought marinade.

Then you fry the turkey to perfection and enjoy. So simple yet apparently so delicious!

Try this turkey recipe

10. Adobo Butter Turkey

This recipe is very interesting. You learn how to make your own adobo from scratch which is packed full of many delicious and familiar spices.

Then once you allow the turkey to sit with the adobo rubbed on it, you make a delicious adobo butter before baking it to perfection.

Try this turkey recipe

11. Bacon Roasted Turkey

How many bacon fans do we have today? I have both of my hands raised because let’s be real, I love bacon.

So what better way to cook a turkey than to wrap it in bacon first? I seriously think this could be a bacon-lovers Thanksgiving paradise.

Try this turkey recipe

12. Turkey with Brown Sugar Glaze

Have you ever tried to glaze your turkey? If I’m honest, I’ve basted but never glazed. Yet, this glaze looks absolutely amazing.

So if you like orange juice, cider vinegar, brown sugar, and butter then you’ll want to try glazing your turkey this year.

Try this turkey recipe

13. The 3-Step Turkey

Everyone wants a turkey that is delicious, but one of the biggest hang-ups people face is keeping their turkey moist.

Well, this post shares three easy steps to keep your turkey moist delicious. If you are fearing a dry turkey, check this recipe out.

Try this turkey recipe

14. The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

If you’ve ever watched Christmas Vacation, then you’ll probably remember the perfect turkey.

But when they cut into it, perfection faded and so did the turkey because it dried out. Well, thanks to this recipe, you’ll hopefully dodge the ‘dry turkey’ experience and have a much more picturesque turkey to serve.

Try this turkey recipe

15. The Maple Glazed Turkey

Seriously you guys, after checking out all of these glazed turkeys, I seriously think glazing is going to be in this year…at least at my house.

So this maple glazed turkey not only looks delicious, but the glaze is so simple. It is literally butter and maple syrup. You can’t get much easier or delicious.

Try this turkey recipe

16. Aromatic Lemon Apple and Herb Turkey

Everyone wants a turkey that is moist and delicious, but have you ever thought you wanted a turkey that smells great too?

Well, this recipe has you covered. This turkey is brined in herbs, covered in an herb butter, and has more aromatics added when roasting too.

Try this turkey recipe

17. Tuscan Style Grilled Turkey

It is very common to hear of people baking their Thanksgiving turkeys. We even hear of frying and occasionally smoking them.

But grilling your Thanksgiving turkey is a lot less common. Thanks to this recipe, you can give this delicious method a try this year.

Try this turkey recipe

18. Cranberry Glazed Turkey Breast

When I was growing up we usually only had a turkey breast for Thanksgiving because it was just my mom, sister, and myself.

So if you only have a breast, then you’ll want to check out this glaze. I’m a huge cranberry person so this sounds like you could have all of the flavors of Thanksgiving in one amazing dish.

Try this turkey recipe

19. Roast Turkey Like a Boss

For some reason, cooking a turkey is something that has a lot of people frightened. I think they all fear that they’ll dry it out and it’ll be terrible.

Well, do as this article suggests. Follow their basic instructions to perfectly roasting a turkey and be the boss in your own kitchen.

Try this turkey recipe

20. Slow Cooker Turkey Breast

I wish this recipe was around when I was a little girl because as I mentioned we usually just had the turkey breast. My poor mom would work herself silly in the kitchen over one meal.

Now, many people have come out with amazing crock pot techniques that save so much time and produce a tasty dish, like this one. My mother would’ve been so thankful for this recipe all those years ago.

Try this turkey recipe

21. How to Smoke a Turkey in 4 Hours

Are you looking to do something a little different with your turkey this year? It seems that smoking it is all the rage.

So if you’d like a deliciously flavored turkey that can be ready in about four hours, then you definitely need to check out this recipe.

Try this turkey recipe

22. Citrus and Herb Roasted Turkey

This is another very flavorful turkey recipe. Many people love to have turkeys that are strongly flavored with fresh herbs.

Plus, they think that the citrus is a great way to accompany those flavors and help tenderize the meat. If you are one of those people, then you definitely need to check this out.

Try this turkey recipe

23. Maple Glazed Turkey with Bacon and Sage Butter

This turkey had me asking myself, “Seriously?” This is everything you want, rolled into one awesome turkey!

So you have the bacon wrapped turkey that is glazed in delicious maple syrup. Then it is coated with sage butter and stuffed with delicious fruits and vegetables for added flavor. Welcome to Flavor Town, friends.

Try this turkey recipe

24. Yellow Bliss Road Best Thanksgiving Turkey

This is another post that claims to have the best Thanksgiving turkey. I don’t know if you’ll consider it the best, but in my books, it is pretty darn tasty.

We actually make our turkey like her post shows. It is very simple and turns out super moist and delicious as well.

Try this turkey recipe

25. Garlic and Herb Roasted Turkey

Would you like to bake a simple roasted turkey? Yet, you still want it to have a ton of flavor?

Well, look no further than this recipe. It is super simple, it is meant to be roasted, but it packs a punch of garlic and herbs as well.

Try this turkey recipe

26. Super Moist Turkey

My mom always hated baking turkeys because she feared how dry they would turn out. If only the internet had been around then.

Now, we have these wonderful recipes that help us to overcome turkey dryness. This recipe uses a unique method of coating a turkey in herb butter and wine, then covering it in a cheesecloth. But apparently, it works!

Try this turkey recipe

27. Juicy Roasted Turkey with Pictures

We all love our Thanksgiving turkey, if it’s done right. Yet, we all know that it can be challenging finding a method that allows the turkey to cook but remain juicy too.

Well, this article has you covered. You not only get a recipe for a juicy Thanksgiving turkey, but she includes pictures to help you along too.

Try this turkey recipe

So there you have it. You now have almost 30 different recipes to choose from when making your Thanksgiving turkey this year. You may want to start early and try a few out before you decide on ‘the one.’

But I’d like to know, do you have a go-to recipe or method for your turkey each year? If so, would you mind sharing it with our community? We all desire juicy turkeys and full bellies on Thanksgiving!

So leave us your thoughts (and recipes) in the comment section located below.

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